Please These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply exclusively to our hotel and vacation apartment.
Guest accommodation contract of the accommodation company Müllers Klostermühle
1. conclusion of the accommodation contract
1.1 With the booking, which can be made verbally, in writing, by telephone, via the Internet or by e-mail, the guest offers the accommodation company a binding reservation.
1.2 The guest accommodation contract comes into effect with the booking confirmation. It does not require any particular form.
1.3 The booking is made by the booking guest, even for the number of people that was specified in the booking. The booking guest is responsible for these contractual obligations as for his own obligations.
1.4 The commitment is made by phone, by mail, on the website or on the booking portal.
2. reservation
2.1 The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obligates the contracting parties for the entire duration of the contract to fulfill the mutual obligations arising from it.
a. The obligation of the host is to keep the room ready according to the order.
b. Obligation of the guest is to pay the price for the time (duration) of the order of the room.
3. withdrawal of the guest
3.1 It is pointed out that the Guest - regardless of the way of booking and the duration of the stay - is not entitled to a general free legal right of cancellation or withdrawal with regard to the concluded accommodation contract.
3.2 In the event of cancellation or other non-utilization of the booked accommodation (in whole or in part), the Pension Company's claim to payment of the agreed price of the stay, including the catering portion, shall remain in effect.
3.3 After the start of the rental period in case of earlier departure, the payment made for the booked period shall be forfeited.
3.4 In principle and also in case of a contract duration of more than 1 month, payment obligation exists for the entire agreed rental period.
3.5 The host has a right to payment for all services before departure and accordingly a legal lien on the guest's belongings.
4 Arrival
4.1 The innkeeper should be notified of the approximate time of arrival at least 24 hours in advance.
a. Room occupancy on the day of arrival from 14 clock
b. Room release on the day of departure until 12 o'clock.
4.2 The keys will be handed over on the spot with instruction, personal or written.
4.3 Billing is done via the portals or the payment system of the hotel.
5 Liability
5.1 The guest is fully liable for any damage caused by himself during his use.
5.2 In case of loss of the keys the guest is liable for 100 Euro, as the cylinders have to be exchanged completely.
5.3 For short-term failure of furnishings, public utilities, etc., the landlord can not be held liable. A price reduction is excluded. The same applies to force majeure. A change in the equipment

6. dogs . Dogs are generally allowed. However, charges apply depending on the size and hairiness. It is the host's responsibility to deny access to the hotel to dogs with extreme hairiness and strong odour, for example when wet.

7. smoking, order, damage

7.1 Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the hotel. In the event of a violation, the hotel will charge a fee of 50.00 EUR. The same applies to tampering with smoke alarms or unauthorised use of fire extinguishers. In the event of a violation, the hotel will charge a fee of 250.00 EUR. The hotel reserves the right to claim higher damages if, for example, the hotel is charged for a fire brigade operation or a fire caused by unauthorised smoking has caused damage to hotel property. Bringing illegal intoxicants or weapons is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion. In any case, the relevant authorities will be notified immediately.


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